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Intensive Capacity Building at The Bahamas Bureau of Standards & Quality
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Metrology is the science of measurement and is not meteorology which is the science of the atmosphere, weather patterns and climate. Metrology is a cornerstone of a well organized society. Measurements are needed to determine fact based decision making and to bring commonality to opinion and perspective. To highlight this, the riddle “what is the difference between a pound of feathers and a pound of lead?” comes to mind. A pound should be a pound should be a pound.

 The Bahamas’ newly formed metrology unit has therefore been tasked with ensuring that consistency, fairness and equity in trade within The Bahamas is confirmed, documented and supported with facts.

Metrology involves activities such as:

  • Verification of weighing devices such as scales
  • Verification of the volume delivered by fuel dispensers like those found at the gas stations
  • Product inspection
  • Calibration services
  • Investigation of consumer complaints as they relate to measurements.
The metrology department has training both locally and internationally. Recently metrology has conducted trial runs within the market to exactly determine the resources needed to conduct these services to the standard and of the quality that BBSQ’s name represents.

At this time the metrology department is capable of limited services in verification of fuel dispensers and verification of weighing devices. As we build the systems and processes necessary to carry out these functions we encourage both consumer and service provider to lend insight and discuss their needs with us so that our services can be well implemented, seamless and beneficial.