The Youth Apprentice Program

The Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality, invited by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture visited a program geared towards progressively capturing the culture and developing the skills of young Bahamian citizens. BBSQ took this opportunity most willingly as BBSQ is in its nascent form it was most appropriate for us to visit the people that will be providing the products and services in the market that will inevitably be underpinned, qualified and validated by our services.

Experienced by the Staff of BBSQ was the Youth Apprentice Program. Various groups of current and future pillars of society, adamantly enjoying the learning process with very feasible and tangible results. It was most refreshing to see both mentors and mentees not only developing their crafts, honing their skills, but working as teams, discussing and developing relationships giving respect where it is earned and receiving respect where it is deserved.

There exists in The Bahamas, a culture of imparting knowledge and wisdom through skills and activities.  The innate ability of craftsmen, technicians, artisans and trade skills, is experienced everyday by consumers; and it is dutiful of us as citizens to embrace, divulge and celebrate all aspects of the process needed to provide the quality products and services that should be standard in the Bahamian market.

It is our pleasure to highlight some of the very necessary, yet overlooked activities that occur in this country. Not all is bad. The love is present, the culture is still taught and learned, improvement and innovation have never ceased.